The 2017 DtC Wine Shipping Report provides a comprehensive review of the direct-to-consumer wine shipping market, including volume, value and price trends.

Value of DtC Shipping
The value of direct-to-consumer wine shipments increased by 18.5% to an all-time high of $2.33 billion in 2016.

Growth Across All Categories
In 2016, the volume of direct-to-consumer wine shipments increased by 17.1% to 5.02 million cases, and the average price per bottle increased to $38.69.

Destinations of DtC Wine Shipments
This map shows the top ten destination states for direct-to-consumer shipments in 2016.

Report Highlights

Shipments by Winery Size

In 2016, the roughly 5,500 U.S. wineries that fall into our “small” and “very small” categories accounted for 80% of the additional $392 million in the direct-to-consumer wine shipping channel.

Shipments by Price Category

In 2016, wines priced below $15 grew by 150% (from 2011), more than double the industry average.

Shipments by Varietal

At 16% and 10%, respectively, the volume of direct shipments of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay were each about one-third of the sales of these varietals in the off-premise category.

Shipments by Region of Origin

Sonoma led the way in value of direct-to-consumer wine shipments in 2016, with an industry-leading growth of 32%, while Washington led the way in volume growth, expanding its shipping volume 39% over the previous year.

A Comprehensive Review of DtC Wine Shipping Trends

About the report

The Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report is an annual collaboration between Sovos ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines dedicated to wines shipped directly from wineries to the end consumer.

About the model

To create this report, Wines & Vines Analytics used a model that extrapolates millions of anonymous direct shipping transactions from ShipCompliant software across Wines & Vines’ database of U.S. wineries. The model tracks sales by winery region, annual production, destination of shipments, varietal, and price point.

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